Energy and Resources Re-Distributing / Research and Development Laboratory


Thank you for your corporation for our project since Jan 11th, 2003.

2003/01/11 ERRD Lab project was founded.
Supported / Advised by Kuramochi Office.
Collaborating with
2007/03/14 Collaborating with NAOCOMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD.
2015 Collaborating with Tokyo Trading & Co.
2019/01/22 ERRD Inc. was established


We are as System Architect, and Facilitator.
The future enforces making system of re-distributing energy and resources including management resources, on us.
We aim that people can act social activities more smoothly in human society.

(1) Planning, planning and implementation of management strategy and business improvement
Keyword: System Architect
(2) System design, development and operation
Keyword: System Architect
(3) Various information service
Keyword: Re-distributing Information
Re-distributing Information project
alliance partner
alliance partner
(4) Import and export and trading
Keywords: Facilitator
(5) Asset management, real estate management, property rental management and intangible property management
Keywords: Re-distributing Intellectual property, patent and registered trademark right management
(6) Consulting on the previous items
(7) All businesses incidentally related to the preceding items